“We succeeded pretty well, at least for a while”: visionary poet LENORE KANDEL on the Diggers

Poet and Digger Lenore Kandel movingly reads from her poem To Fuck With Love (1966), and then reflects on the Diggers’ work and legacy. This YouTube video was filmed at Lenore’s memorial in 2010, where the footage was shown; you will see memorial attendees walk in front of the screen a couple of times. I’m fairly certain the footage of Lenore is from an interview conducted by the makers of the Les Diggers de San Francisco documentary film, released in 1998. Some of this footage was not included in the film.
“Lenore Kandel, poet, talks with Carlos Fresneda and Isaac Hernandez, illustrated from a beautiful collection of photos from her life. This video was shown at her memorial. Photos and audio ©2012 IsaacHernandez.com”
Fellow Digger Vicki Pollack shares information and insights about Lenore’s life at the memorial.
Fellow Digger Peter Berg reflects on Lenore at her memorial.
Fellow Digger Kathy Nolan reads some as-yet-unpublished poems by Lenore, and shares some thoughts.
Fellow Digger Judy Goldhaft reads a poem in remembrance of Lenore from Janeane [sp?].
Fellow Digger Peter Cohon/Coyote pays tribute to Lenore.

3 thoughts on ““We succeeded pretty well, at least for a while”: visionary poet LENORE KANDEL on the Diggers

  1. Thank you Jay I didn’t attend Lenores memorial. I had not seen nor heard The photos , poems and tributes herein. Profound thanks for sending it.

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    1. Funny seeing your article on the Diggers, Hells Angels and Sweet WILLIAM otherwise known as Dukie in NY where he grew up. He was my first cousin 3 yrs older but inseparable until his mother, my moms sister moved them back to California when he was 16. Those early adventures and misadventures as he mentored me in fighting, stealing, baseball and the art of life still fill my thoughts daily. Who he became was preordained from Queens to San Francisco and I would be happy to share with you these pre Kerouac times leading to the Angels, the Diggers and Lenore.


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