John Koch remembers his college friend Emmett Grogan

I recently came across this 1990 Boston Globe piece, which fills in some pre-1965 biographical information on Emmett that I was completely unaware of. Fascinating. Scans via a friend of the site — hopefully they are legible in the “gallery.”

2 thoughts on “John Koch remembers his college friend Emmett Grogan

  1. the person who was Emmett Grogan speaking at the Liberation Violence gathering was totally unique compared to the other speakers. Watch him closely, even in this short clip: he is lucid, has nothing to defend, nothing to lose. He’s talking about young people who, miraculously awakened from the vice grip of conventional reality, also had nothing to lose. This is what Emmett effortlessly displayed in the midst of all the objectifying rhetoric. As one who was young and in SF then, I can say feeling we had nothing to lose came because no definitions of how to act or who to be had yet been made. Like everything else it couldn’t last. But, you know, so what?

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